‘Drink drive? Nah, not worth it’ new Road Safety Commission campaign by Gatecrasher


In the lead up to the festive season, the Road Safety Commission and Gatecrasher have launched a new campaign to discourage drink driving.


The summer holiday season is one of high risk, where low-level drink driving is more likely to be justified as a ‘one-off’ or being within self-justified limits.

The campaign compels drivers to reconsider their choices during vulnerable moments. The insight behind the campaign is that the decision whether to drink and drive is an internal conversation you have with yourself. This conversation can at times be highly conflicting. It’s a calculated risk you take in the moment as you weigh up the pros and cons.

“The dialogue in the ad was actually inspired by something a guy said in a research group”, commented Gatecrasher’s Adam Barker. “He said ‘it’s that silent conversation you have in your head… am I okay to drive? …yeah, nah’ ”.

We’re hoping that “‘Yeah… Nah, not worth it.’ can give people something they can remember in the moment that they’re going through this cost-benefit analysis; a kind of trigger to help them think ‘no this is not worth the risk, even once’”, said Barker.

‘Drink drive? Nah, not worth it’ new Road Safety Commission campaign by Gatecrasher


Road Safety Commission
Roger Farley, Alisia Mumby, Mikhail Wong

Creative Directors: Adam Barker, Lori Canalini
Writer: Adam Barker
Art Directors: Lori Canalini, Henry Billington
Agency producer: Anouk Ratnawibhushana
Planner: Antoni Buccini

Account team: Tony Scampoli, Melanie Goh

Production company: Sandbox
Director: Richard Vilensky
Producers: Jenny Crabb, Maria Elena Amatulli
DOP: Allan Myles
Editor: Denzil Heeger
Sound: Brad Habib