DoubleVerify’s Imran Masood wants you to stop wasting your digital spend

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DoubleVerify’s Imran Masood wants you to stop wasting your digital spend

How do you know you’re getting maximum value from your digital and social marketing and media spend? DoubleVerify’s Imran Masood will make the argument – and his methodology – for optimising effectiveness through greater transparency in his State of Social ‘24 breakout session.


Masood is a verifiable marketing and media effectiveness expert.
As VP/Country Manager for ANZ at DoubleVerify – the smart people behind our industry’s smartest digital media verification and campaign effectiveness solutions – Masood knows his stuff.

In fact, what Masood doesn’t know about ad technology, programmatic advertising, digital sales, branded content, brand safety, ad fraud, viewability, ad-serving and DCO isn’t worth knowing.

Why Transparency Matters: Protection and Performance in Social Environments.
Whether you’re a marketeer or a business owner, if you’ve got one eye on budgets and the other on ROI, you’re going to want to join Masood for his breakout. He’ll explore the critical issues facing digital and social advertisers – namely suitability, standardisation and transparency – including:
• How to manage shifting consumer expectations, brand reputation, privacy regulations and misinformation/disinformation
• Why you need to standardise measurement and transparency standards
• How verification is vital in maximising quality and driving better business outcomes

If you haven’t already, grab your All Access ticket to the biggest, bestest State of Social yet. Masood’s breakout is just one of a host of practical breakouts and workshops you can choose from at SOS24.

When: 27 & 28 August 2024
Where: Optus Stadium Perth