IN:WA’s ‘New World of Work’ panel discussion – tomorrow March 15

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IN:WA’s ‘New World of Work’ panel discussion – tomorrow March 15

IN:WA invites you to join panelists, Amberlea Henriques, Annie Simpson and Julie Hobbs on March 15th to hear their views on what this future holds for the communications industry and what we can all do to prepare for it.


In a world of technology and change, one of the biggest challenges right now is that of finding the best people to power your business.

The creative communications industry is by no means immune from this, with agencies delicately balancing opportunities and expectations.

This is not necessarily another COVID-related issue. The future of work discussion has been on the agenda for many years, as we see creative industries either brace for (or embrace) a new frontier of technological disruptors and generational change.

The ‘New World of Work’ will see new skills and jobs emerge that we have not seen before. It will also demand more human-centric workplace policies and spaces, with an increasing need for the “four Cs” – care, cognitive, communication and computing skills[1].

What does this all mean for the creative communications industry and how do we plan for it now? We invite you to join our three panelists to hear their views on what the future holds and what we can all do to prepare for it.

Julie Hobbs – FutureNow
Chief Executive Officer
Hobbs is an experienced creative practitioner and consultant with a deep commitment to the transformative power of education and skills development. This expertise is now helping drive FutureNow, a not-for-profit organisation that provides independent strategic workforce advice while also advocating for the creative industries and for the contribution they make to economic growth and diversification, innovation, social cohesion, and inclusivity.

Amberlea Henriques – AdSocial
By disrupting the status quo on social media, AdSocial creates award-winning experiences across the Meta suite using robots, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Henriques believes that your attitude determines your altitude, implementing a ‘jobs of the future’ career pathway within her business to train up-and-coming marketers that demonstrate a passion to learn in futuristic technologies.

Annie Simpson – Modern People
Cofounder & Chief Consulting Officer
Modern People work towards humanising the new world of work through leadership, culture and impact strategy and consulting. Combining her background in psychology, business strategy, talent sourcing, and people and culture, Simpson works with key decision-makers to bridge the gap between profit and purpose, ushering in a new era of purposeful cultures and people.

Event details
Wednesday 15 March – 330pm-530pm
Upstairs at The Brisbane Hotel – 292 Beaufort Street, Perth

Refreshments and networking opportunities provided.

Tickets are very limited.
IN:WA members receive 5 free tickets.
Additional tickets and on-members are $20 (+booking fee).


For more information on becoming a member of IN:WA, visit

[1] National Skills Commission