Distl launches new Summit Homes Group website

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Distl launches new Summit Homes Group website

Distl has launched a dynamic and innovative website for Summit Homes Group, marking a significant milestone in their digital partnership.


As the digital partner of Summit Homes Group, Distl took the lead in spearheading the development of the new website, addressing key challenges that were hindering the brand’s digital presence and customer engagement.

The transition from the cumbersome Umbraco CMS platform to WordPress brought forth a multitude of advantages, including enhanced content management and improved organic search visibility.

Explore the new website here.

The collaborative effort between Distl’s project management team, designers, and developers resulted in a website that seamlessly integrates with Summit Homes Group’s internal processes and marketing strategies.

Ryan Wilson, Marketing Team Lead at Distl, said: “We recognised the challenges Summit Homes Group was facing with their previous website’s functionality and search engine compatibility. Our aim was to create a platform that not only aligned with their vision but also outperformed industry standards.”

Distl’s design approach, characterised by soft arches and engaging video content, ensures an inviting and informative user experience. Extensive animations add a modern touch, distinguishing Summit Homes Group’s website from competitors.

One of the key priorities was to make the new website search engine-friendly from the outset.

Alistair Hinchliffe, SEO Specialists at Distl, said: “The new website not only showcases Summit’s evolving brand but also addresses usability concerns, streamlining content management and enhancing organic search performance.”

Post launch, several critical keywords now hold the top position in Google search results, showcasing the website’s enhanced visibility and organic search performance.

“The best digital agency I’ve ever worked with,” said Natasha Seymour, Marketing Manager at Summit Homes Group. “There is no superior builder’s website in the WA market. I cannot wait to see how our consumers interact with the absolute masterpiece.”

You can learn more about the project on Distl’s website here.

Distl launches new Summit Homes Group website