Digital #MeetTheMedia event to be added to Media Stable’s education programs for 2022

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Digital #MeetTheMedia event to be added to Media Stable’s education programs for 2022

Last Thursday Media Stable delivered its final DIGITAL #MeetTheMedia for 2021 to 60 business owners and communicators across Australia. The attendees got to meet Channel 9 Perth 5PM News Executive Producer Saskia Loosjes (pictured middle) and Channel 7 Sunrise Supervising Producer Monica Lepore (pictured right).


The DIGITAL event now is going to play a big role in the Media Stable delivery of education programs for 2022 along with the LIVE events that will kick off on March 23 2022, in Perth. Tickets have just gone on sale this week with the first event happening Wednesday March 23 at the Australian Institute of Management WA. Tickets can be purchased here.

The dates for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide are going to come out in the following weeks.

The DIGITAL events have proven to be a huge success for media and experts attending. The very people looking to understand the media cycle get a firsthand account from the practitioners on the ground such as some of the most experienced producers. The media get a chance to share their feedback on what they are looking for in a story and what will get their attention which results in better content delivered to them.

“The media is always changing and moving with the times particularly faster during a pandemic. The day of the media release is almost done for those that don’t have requirement to do so like an ASIC listed company.” Says Nic Hayes (pictured left) Managing Director of Media Stable and host of #MeetTheMedia. “The media wants content from trusted sources, quick pitches that don’t bury the lead and have all the assets of the story ready to go”.

Perth managed to get two LIVE #MeetTheMedia events this year because the Covid restrictions allowed for Media Stable to deliver these in a safe and controlled way at AIM WA. The return of the interstate events is quite exciting in 2022. “There is nothing that replaces the opportunity to connect, engage and meet in-person the media that you are looking to be an asset to. There is no marketing material or publicity paraphernalia that can replace that eye to eye contact you make with another human being”. Nic Hayes said.

The Director of Media Engagement at Media Stable John Solvander can always tell when an expert or a media talent has been to a #MeetTheMedia. “The expert delivers a concise pitch to media, it is clear, the story is always audience focussed and there is a newsworthy angle.” Says John. “The expert has become a better communicator with media.”

“The delivery of the in-person and the DIGITAL #MeetTheMedia events will be useful for all businesses that have big and small budgets to apply to communications and media.” Says Nic Hayes. “At Media Stable one of our major drivers is educating business owners, the PR people, and the marketing practitioners on how to communicate effectively with media.”