Dark Horse Agency’s Nicole Jameson joins The Experts Podcast to discuss when a business should say “No” to new business

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Dark Horse Agency’s Nicole Jameson joins The Experts Podcast to discuss when a business should say “No” to new business

There has been an interesting movement brewing in the communications, marketing, and public relations space that has been percolating over the years. When should a business say “No” to the work and ask they book a time with you in the New Year? Nicole Jameson of Perth based Dark Horse Agency spoke to The Experts Podcast Nic Hayes on why she says ‘NO’ to new business in November and for that matter December. A rather controversial decision and would go against the grain for many agencies that haven’t had a great year.


November and December is usually the months that communications agencies big and small are being hit up by desperate or concerned businesses that haven’t met their communications, marketing, financial targets or goals.

The businesses that are making contact are at this time of the year are tired, emotional, and in some cases are asking for the impossible. They are looking for a quick fix which can’t be delivered at both client and agency level. November and December is the time when agencies are working off their feet to support their current clientele in a busy period and the staff of the agencies are just trying to get to the finish line that is Christmas and New Year.

Saying “No, not now” is an empowering move that has both her staff and clients thanking her for.

For many smaller communications agencies and larger ones for that matter this concept would be completely foreign to them as they try to improve their bottom line. The reality is that there are multiple agencies across the communications sector that are just surviving in this ‘cost-of-living-crisis’.

Jameson said: “In short the reason we don’t take on new business is that those approaching are not themselves at this time of the year. They tend to be too emotional, not prepared to do the work, and my agency itself is already snowed under at this time.”

This episode of the Experts Podcast certainly challenges the very motivation of both client and agency. It has been a practice of many agencies to just take on all work regardless of the ability to deliver or the client’s requirements. The conversation of on-boarding or planning is better had in mid-January to February when rested and active personnel are on board.

Jameson went on to give her predictions for 2024 and her observations for 2023 in the marketing and digital space. Jameson has called out “2023 as the year the influencer died”. Maybe not in all areas and spaces but reality TV stars are no longer valid to a very intelligent and much better-informed market.

Jameson also leaves some great advice for the listeners of the podcast on how to get ‘digital marketing fit’. Something that all business owners, communicators and marketers can get on board with over the Christmas, New Year and summer holidays.

The Experts Podcast with Nic Hayes and Carmen Braidwood continues to publish over January with their classroom special being delivered over the month of January.

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