Creative Glue: The Emergence Specials video podcast series launches in lead up to festival

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Introducing Creative Glue: The Emergence Specials – a new video podcast series that dives deep into the stories that bind creatives together. Kicking off with insights from the lead-up to the iconic Emergence Creative Festival, this series aims to uncover the magic behind creative synergy.


Celebrated as an ‘anti-conference’, Emergence has long been the meeting ground for creative minds from every discipline imaginable. As they gear up for its return in 2024, host Scott Robinson will speak with an array of creative professionals and Emergence enthusiasts to get the inside scoop on what makes the event so unique.

From its inception in 2013, Emergence has sparked some of the most unexpected yet impactful collaborations, from the founding of Men’s Mental Health Charity Talk Club, to the early sparks of Canva. It’s a place where ideas come to life, as demonstrated by success stories like Panda Candy and bureau42.

Their first episode sets the stage for Emergence 2024, as Robinson, joined by Mat Lewis, Festival Chair, and Anita Pettit, Festival Director, share the festival’s origin story and what attendees can look forward to this year.

Following episodes in the lead-up to the festival will feature stories from Emergence Aslumni, sharing their unforgettable moments, the connections made, and the projects that have come to fruition.

Plus, for those who can’t make it down this year (or who simply want more!), Creative Glue will offer daily wrap-up episodes to bring the festival’s highlights directly to you.

Creative Glue is a collaborative effort, produced by thebox and featuring signature sting by Panda Candy, showcasing the partnership at the heart of Emergence Creative Festival 2024.

Pettit said: “If you’re curious about Emergence or eager for tales from past Keynotes, or simply looking for some inspiration, be sure to stay tuned for the weekly episodes.”

Robinson says: “Emergence isn’t just a festival; it’s a movement that’s sparked endless creative projects through the connections it’s formed over the years. We’re diving into chats with incredible creatives worldwide, discussing the magic and the force that unites us to make amazing things.”

Listen to Episode 1 of Creative Glue, The Emergence Special on Spotify here.

Click here for more information about March’s festival.