Colenso BBDO’s Rob Campbell joins State of Social ’23 keynote speaker lineup

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Colenso BBDO’s Rob Campbell joins State of Social ’23 keynote speaker lineup

Take the ridiculous path to commercial effectiveness with Colenso BBDO New Zealand’s Rob Campbell at State of Social ’23.


Metrics. Analytics. Logic. Your left brain holds the key to commercial effectiveness in our world, right? Strategic smarty pants Rob Campbell begs to differ, and he’ll explain why.

Meet Rob Campbell, Head Of Strategy/CSO Colenso.
Campbell is a creative and strategic force of nature. He’s one of the industry’s top global strategists. He’s the mercurial mind behind award-winning creative campaigns.

A host of clients like Nike, Spotify and Gentle Monster have benefited from Campbell’s unique brand of brilliance, so State of Social are thrilled he’s coming to SOS23 to rock your marketing worldview.

How to achieve commercial effectiveness through creative ridiculousness.
Campbell is a Nottingham Forest fan, so he knows a thing or two about emotional rollercoasters. Right now, he’s on one with the industries obsession with prosaic, logical thinking when creativity and imagination are the real keys to greater commercial effectiveness.

Join Campbell for his must-see keynote and discover how (and why) you should harness your imagination and welcome some creative chaos and ridiculousness into your life and work.

Campbell joins Brandable’s Tess Palmyre, Storyation’s Andrés López-Varela and Social Sandwich’s Edwin Smith on their SOS23 lineup.

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