Choose the red pill and listen to Now We Collide’s Ryan Bodger and Bob Connelly at SOS23

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Choose the red pill and listen to Now We Collide’s Ryan Bodger and Bob Connelly at SOS23

‘AI is going to empower/replace creatives!’ ‘AI will make marketing strategists’ jobs easier/redundant!’ ‘Haven’t you seen Terminator?!’ If you’ve been following the generative IA debate, you’ll know with 100% certainty that AI is simultaneously both the best and the worst thing to ever happen to marketing. Probably. So, let’s cut through the boom and boon/doom and gloom hyperbole at SOS23, with Ryan Bodger and Bob Connelly.


Ryan Bodger and Bob Connelly are coming to SOS23 to make/ruin your day.
As Chief Creative Officer and Director of Design and Gen.AI at groundbreaking creative agency Now We Collide, Bodger (pictured left) and Connelly (pictured right) are masters of embracing tech and harnessing innovation to supercharge every facet of marketing. They’ve been doing it for big-name brands throughout their illustrious careers, all over the world. And with Collide-AI, they’re at the bleeding edge of AI in our industry.

AI workshop: Threats and Thrills of AI in Marketing.
In their workshop, Bodger will bring you up to date and down to earth with a short history of AI that covers how AI models work and how brands and marketers are using them (and training their own to avoid copyright issues). Then, Connelly will provide an intro to AI image and video generation and a live demo. And you’ll leave with practical tips to help you harness AI in your digital marketing day-to-day.

Bodger and Connelly join Mood Institute’s Nathan Jones, LADBible’s Mel Ho, Sked Social’s Kyra Goodman, Neon Treehouse’s Joshua White, BMF’s Lucy Kough and oOh!media’s Josh Gurgiel in SOS23’s all-star workshop line-up. Check it out and choose your own digital marketing workshop adventure!

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