Chicken Treat &Partners new Smacka Range TVC is a roundhouse to the eyeballs

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Chicken Treat has launched its new Tempta Smacka Range with a campaign via &Partners.


The Tempta Smacka Range comes with a smack to the tastebuds from the signature Smacka sauce, followed by a sneaky kick of chipotle pickle.

Chicken Treat Head of Marketing, David Harrison said, “Smacka is the tastiest burger we’ve ever created so naturally, &Partners did their due diligence and spent many sessions in the product testing lab (Chicken Treat, Applecross). We’re confident the resulting 16-bit concept will resonate with our burger buyers, and will no-doubt punch above its weight.”

The TVC features a 16-bit, arcade style punch-up between the Smacka Burger, and a very hungry Trey-D. The epic battle sees Trey-D taking multiple hits from the beast of a burger, before getting happily floored by a blast of Smacka sauce.

“Our job was to create a campaign that let the audience experience that fistful of flavour from the safety of their sofas. We think what we’ve created with our production partners is a roundhouse to the eyeballs.” said &Partners Creative Directors, Bryan Dennis and Dav Tabeshfar.

Production on the TVC was by Matt Pitcher and Paul Michael Liam Donnelly. Media was planned by Mindshare.

Chicken Treat Head of Marketing: David Harrison
Brand Manager: Andrea Lever-Jones

Creative Director: Bryan Dennis
Creative Director: Dav Tabeshfar
Account Director: Sophie Brandsma
Creative Production Services: Matt Pitcher & Paul Michael Liam Donnelly
Voice Actor: Alex Canion Files

Chicken Treat &Partners new Smacka Range TVC is a roundhouse to the eyeballs