Chicken Treat &Partners fearlessly launch the Tempta Boneless Chicken Range

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Chicken Treat is launching Tempta Boneless Chicken via &Partners this Sunday, November 24.


The campaign features a fearless Tempta Boneless chicken breast piece who performs death-defying deeds in the style of stunt legends like Evel Knievel. Our hero is fired out of a cannon, jumps over a wild animal on a motorcycle and dives into a tub of sauce from a high-dive platform. After all, if you’ve got no bones to break, you’ve got nothing to fear.

Chicken Treat Head of Marketing, David Harrison said, “Consumers are looking for boneless breast fillet options either in a chicken pack, dipping in a tasty sauce, or sharing with friends. &Partners campaign concept was cute, memorable and inclusive and we hope it resonates well with our audience.”

The TVC was painstakingly crafted in stop-motion animation, using miniature sets. Director Matt Pitcher worked with stop-motion animator Paul Michael Liam Donnelly.

“This was a completely different way of working for us. Matt and Paul had a script, but really, that was just the beginning of the creative process. Our clients at Chicken Treat were completely open to letting the idea evolve as the team played with possibilities in the studio,” said &Partners creative directors, Bryan Dennis and Dav Tabeshfar.

The TVC and the radio feature an original soundtrack performed by Alex Canion of up-and-coming Western Australian band, Voyager. The track was produced at Cue Sound. Media was planned by Mindshare.



Head of Marketing: David Harrison
Brand Manager: Andrea Lever-Jones

Creative Director: Bryan Dennis
Creative Director: Dav Tabeshfar
Creative: Josh Edge
Account Director: Sophie Brandsma

Production Co.: Open Spaces Productions
Director: Matt Pitcher

Stop Motion Animator/VFX: Paul Michael Liam Donnelly
Sound Engineer: Daniel Johnston (Cue Sound)
Vocals: Alex Canion