CBH celebrates 90 Harvests via The Brand Agency

CBH celebrates 90 Harvests via The Brand Agency

The CBH Group has launched a new campaign celebrating growers and their achievements over the past 90 years. The campaign, developed by The Brand Agency, saw eight growers from across the state interviewed, their responses forming a candid reflection on farming life and what keeps them going through the many highs and lows.


It follows a record 2022/2023 harvest, with 22.7 million tonnes delivered to receival sites across the state. The back-to-back record harvests mean that Western Australian grain exports have generated approximately $9 billion annually for the WA economy, making it the fourth largest industry behind iron ore, oil and gas, and gold.

“Over the past 90 years, WA growers and their co-operative have overcome wars, floods, droughts, cyclones, frost, unpredictable harvests and pandemics, but have also celebrated incredible wins, including the most recent record harvest,” said Kelly Lodge-Calvert, CBH Principal – Corporate Affairs.

Kelly added: “It was incredibly important that we paid tribute to the wisdom of those early pioneers of CBH and the well-laid foundations on which succeeding generations have been able to build. However, it was equally as important that we did this in a way that captured what it meant to be a WA grain grower, authentically.”

The Brand Agency’s in-house production arm, King Street, brought together a stellar team; Director / DOP Allan Myles, Forest Studios for music composition, Cue Sound for audio production, and Sandbox for post-production.

Nic Beer, Executive Producer at King Street, said: “We were offered a great deal of freedom in the shooting and editing of these films, and the results speak for themselves. I’m so proud of the level of craftsmanship our team have brought to this project.”

The campaign tells two 45 second stories; one of the beauty and joy of being a grower, the other of the resilience and optimism needed to survive.

CBH celebrates 90 Harvests via The Brand Agency

Dean Hunt, Executive Creative Director at The Brand Agency, said: “To create something like this takes a great deal of trust. The CBH team bought into our vision and let us go to work, creating something truly beautiful but not knowing our exact endpoint. The story we thought we were making evolved as we met with more growers, and the result has been meticulously crafted. It’s been a real delight to work on.”

The campaign comprises 2x 45-second TVCs, a 30-second TVC, 2x radio spots, press and social. It runs from April through to October across regional WA.



Agency: The Brand Agency
Executive Creative Director: Dean Hunt
Art Director: Bianca Galan-Dwyer
Copywriter: Gordon Haynes
Designer: Mindy Lee
Photographer: Mason Truong
Senior Account Director: Darcy White
Executive Producer (King Street): Nicole Beer
Senior Producer (King Street): Courtney Reid
Media Agency: The Brand Agency
Senior Media Planner: Tom Trefry
Media Co-ordinator: Emma Lucas
Director/DOP: Allan Myles
Camera Assistant: Arthur Bienkowski
Drone footage: Sky Pixel
Post Production: Sandbox
Editor/Colourist: Joel Taylor
Sound: Cue Sound
Sound Recordist: Brett Stayt
Engineer: Mike Fragomeni
Music Composition: Forest Studios

CBH celebrates 90 Harvests via The Brand Agency CBH celebrates 90 Harvests via The Brand Agency