Cancer Council WA targets sugary drinks in latest LiveLighter campaign tackling obesity

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Cancer Council Western Australia (CCWA) has launched the next LiveLighter public education campaign that urges people to reduce their cancer risk by reducing sugary drink consumption.


The new LiveLighter advertisement, which has never been seen before in WA, will focus on the contribution of sugary drinks to dangerous toxic fat around the organs which can trigger certain cancers.

The TVC is from Cancer Council Victoria and is supported with campaign collateral locally produced by Gatecrasher and media planning by Initiative.

The campaign has been developed alongside new Cancer Council Australia-funded research published in the International Journal of Cancer that shows over 200,000 cancer cases could be avoided in Australia over the next 25 years if all Australian adults maintained a healthy weight and met the physical activity guidelines for cancer prevention.

CCWA CEO Ashley Reid says that this research indicates that there has never been a more urgent time to address the rise in overweight and obesity in Western Australia.

“Given two thirds of WA adults aged 16-years-old and over are above a healthy weight and nearly half are not active enough, these results show we have the potential to prevent a significant number of cancers in WA and potentially save thousands of lives,” Mr Reid said.  “As little as 40% of Australians know about obesity’s link to cancer, which is why we need to take action and raise awareness.”

The campaign will be seen across mainstream TV and radio – metro, regional and Indigenous networks, cinemas, bus stops, shopping centres and across various digital platforms in WA. It will run until the start of October.