Cancer Council WA partners with Bonfire for Performance Marketing

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Cancer Council WA partners with Bonfire for Performance Marketing

Bonfire has partnered with Cancer Council WA to amplify the reach of their support services and ensure that no one faces cancer alone.


In Bonfire, Cancer Council WA discovered an agency partner who resonates deeply with their cause, and this understanding has been the bedrock upon which the partnership was built.

Alex Gavalas, Partner and Senior Advisor at Bonfire, said: “Our organisations are united by shared values and culture – mirroring each other’s dedication to work-life balance and long staff tenure. These similarities, and our support for their cause, has laid a foundation for Bonfire’s expertise and data-driven performance marketing to shine.”

Cancer Council WA, who provides cancer-related support services, funds world-class research and promotes positive community change, wants to help Western Australians receive local support.

With 25 years’ experience in performance marketing, Bonfire was chosen for their ability to deliver measurable ROI through data-driven strategies.

“We were impressed with the way the Bonfire team understood our mission and demonstrated their ability to increase the visibility of our services. Our feelings were solidified when we saw a clear alignment between Bonfire’s values and ours,” said Samantha Collender, Cancer Council WA’s Marketing and Communications Manager.

Bonfire’s performance marketing methodology will be applied to Cancer Council WA’s many initiatives throughout the year which raise life-saving funds, including Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea in May and June, Dry July, and Daffodil Day in August.