Cancer Council WA and Gatecrasher continue LiveLighter Move More campaign

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Cancer Council WA will be running the second wave of the LiveLighter Move More campaign, created by Gatecrasher, sharing inspirational local voices, in a bid to get WA adults moving, with research showing almost a third of West Aussies are still doing less than the recommended minimum of 2.5 hours of moderate physical activity each week.


Cancer Council WA Food and Movement Programs Manager, Ainslie Sartori, said the most common factors stopping WA adults from doing more physical activity were being too tired and being time poor.

Sartori said: “While we all know physical activity is good for us, many West Australians aren’t getting enough.”

“There are many reasons for this including being too tired, not having time, not knowing how to start, and not having access to facilities.

“In addition, sedentary jobs, life stress and neighbourhoods built for cars, set us up for spending too much time sitting and not enough time moving.

“The key to staying active is finding movement you love, that fits with your lifestyle. This can be an organised sport, rock climbing, having a dance at home, or simply taking a brisk walk around your neighbourhood.”

Sartori countinued: “The campaign also highlights other benefits of more physical activity, such as improving mental health, increasing energy levels, connecting with others, and finding calm in nature.

“In this second wave of the Move More campaign, we have recruited four members of the public to share their movement stories.

“Our Move More champions are sharing their stories and encouraging others to find their movement passions in some inspirational short videos.

“We encourage all West Aussies to jump online at to kickstart a healthy 2024 today.”

The second wave of the LiveLighter® Move More campaign will run from 21 January until 9 March 2024 to leverage the summer period where people are more likely to be outdoors, have time off from work, and be motivated to regain healthy habits after the festive season.

The campaign will run state wide across social media, digital and outdoor channels.

Agency: Gatecrasher
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Digital Designer: Ray Tian
Account Management: Tony Scampoli, Emma Lambert, Sara Cunningham
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