“Bugger that” – Young creatives create spec campaign to help raise profile


Fresh from finishing second in AWARD school (WA), Joe Wilkie looked forward to using that as a way get his foot into the industry’s door. Many coffees, emails and “chance” encounters later, Wilkie was still on the outside looking in.


So he thought “bugger that”, and together with young Perth director Jackson Heeley (pictured below right), decided he didn’t want to wait for opportunity to find them. So a spec project for The Adult Shop was born. Drawing on common social expectations that we find so often drag us down, this campaign showcases those occasions where we’d really just be doing something else. Because noone really wants to go to a baby shower – you’ve got better things to do.

Excited by new technologies and opportunities, Heeley jumped head first into the challenge of a spec campaign using the new iPhone 15 pro and AI editing tools. It was good fun distilling his professional experience with high end cinema cameras down to consumer products like a smart phone and the result is of surprising quality. In concept, selling around the topic of adult fun can be difficult… how do you sell sex in a PG TV timeslot? Offer audiences the opposite and let them fill in the blanks.

“Bugger that” – Young creatives create spec campaign to help raise profile

Drawing on Wilkie’s (pictured above left) extensive experience as a producer and Heeley’s comedic direction, they set about casting and creating TV spots for a brand not typically associated with TV advertising. Writing the scripts and pulling together a micro team on a micro budget, Wilkie’s focus was all about showcasing talent; in the creative realm, behind the lens and in front of it. The resulting TV spots (2x 30s and 1x 15s) and radio hit demonstrate some of the best young talent WA has to offer.


“This was a really fun project to be a part of, let alone as a creative,” says Wilkie. “It was nice to stretch that muscle and see my ideas come to screen (and to the ear). It was unique to pull it all together as a producer as well – definitely affords me a level of creative control I know isn’t common so I’m not taking it for granted.”

Heeley said: “Life’s easy when you’re working with talented pro’s, which has been something I’ve kept as part of my process for a while now. A clear vision and an understanding of tone and style across the team helped a lot. Joes’ writing and our acting talent nailed the subtle awkwardness and delicate touch needed to sell a punchline like this one.

The TV spots were recently selected to screen as part of the WA Made film festival (Feb 23 – March 3).

“Hire me,” Wilkie said. “I don’t want to leave any doubt that’s what this is about.”

Directed by Jackson Heeley
Produced/Written by Joe Wilkie
Art Department by Brittney Tammisto
Sound Mix by Lachlan Cooper/Soundbyte
Graphics/Titles by Blake Good
Talent: Jennah Bannear (inc radio) Mitchell Scriven, Michael Rainone, Victoria Marie Abbott, Vanessa Cobbs, Steven Whiteside and Thomas Bach