Bravo Apples release their first national TV Campaign via Studio Orange and Carat

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Bravo Apples™ are celebrating the launch this week of their first national TV advertising campaign.


Run across the Nine Network, the new campaign is targeted at families with younger children.

Rebecca Blackman, CEO of Fruit West Co-Operative Ltd, the grower cooperative licensed to manage the variety and responsible for national marketing, said the new TV commercial is part of a broader awareness strategy to nationally educate younger families about Bravo Apples.

“Bravo Apples were voted the tastiest apple in independent taste tests, their high flavonoid content makes them super healthy and ultra-slow to turn brown.”

“Being a relatively new apple variety, we don’t have the volumes and budgets of some of our competitors. While our product is suitable for a range of different market segments, we needed to choose a segment we could access efficiently and the segment that would appreciate our product benefits the most.”

“Using NineNow catch up TV gives us access to their 9Tribes customer segments. Overlaying that with Quantium buyer data provides us with the ability to target our adverts nationwide very effectively.”

Blackman said the national TV advertising completes a sophisticated multi-channel campaign.

“As you would expect we’ve got a mix of social media planned. However, we have also been using micro-influencers across the nation to tell our messages. We’ve complemented this by using News Ltd digital assets to amplify these messages. In addition, we’re using data to specifically target apple buyers with digital advertising.”

Fruit West is based in Perth, Western Australia, where the apple variety was developed by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Fruit West worked with Studio Orange to produce the TVC. Carat Perth was appointed Fruit West media agency in March and continues to buy and place its media across all formats.