Bonfire’s Gabe Mach Represents WA in Australia’s Top 25 Analytics Leaders named by IAPA

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Bonfire’s Gabe Mach Represents WA in Australia’s Top 25 Analytics Leaders named by IAPA

Australia’s leading organization for analytics professionals, the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA), announced Its Top 25 Analytics Leaders for 2019. Gabe Mach, Bonfire’s Digital Advertising Manager, was the only West Australian to feature in the list, retaining his Top 25 ranking from 2018.


A standing held amongst illustrious talent from across Australia. In what was a heavily client-side based list of leaders, Bonfire was one of only a few marketing agencies represented in the list. This being testament to the extensive work they’ve been doing in the analytics space.

The Top 25 leader list included representatives from some of Australia’s most well renowned brands including Telstra, Wesfarmers, QBE, Suncorp, ANZ and GSK. The list highlights the investment that big companies are making in analytics led decision making.

Bonfire’s CEO, Clay Cook, said the agency was very proud of Mach’s recognition, especially given the calibre of people who featured in the Top 25 list.

“It’s fantastic to see Gabe gain acknowledgement for the ongoing work he does in the analytical space. Beyond the work he does within the agency, he gives much of his personal time to contribute to the industry, through guest speaking and education.”

“We’ve worked hard to curate some of the industry’s brightest minds at Bonfire, and particularly in the areas of analytics and marketing intelligence. His contributions to our internal research and development have been critical to the innovations we’re making in the space.”

The IAPA’s General Manager, Annette Slunjski, said that all verticals recognise the benefits of data-driven decisions and the value their analytics team can deliver.

“Leadership in analytics is so much more than technical expertise. Soft skills continue to be the difference between good and great while thoughtful stances on emerging issues like ethics, bias and transparency will be increasingly important to the role.”

The full list of the IAPA Top 25 Analytics Leaders can be found here.