Bonfire collaborates with Cancer Council WA on iconic billboard campaign

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Bonfire collaborates with Cancer Council WA on iconic billboard campaign

Bonfire has partnered with Cancer Council WA to use its iconic billboard space to promote a crucial charity message for the month of May.


Located at the busy intersection of Hay Street and Thomas Street in Subiaco, the billboard reads: “All of us can fundraise for a cancer free future.” The message coincides with Cancer Council’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, a campaign that invites Australians to come together and raise funds to support those impacted by cancer, while also aiming to achieve a future free from the disease.

This initiative marks the first time Bonfire’s beloved billboard has been employed for a collaborative cause. It reflects a deeply personal commitment from the Bonfire team, many of whom have had personal experiences with cancer. Bonfire has hosted its own Biggest Morning Tea since 2013, and the company’s involvement and support for the event have only grown stronger over the years.

Samantha Collender, Marketing and Communications Manager at Cancer Council WA, expressed her gratitude, saying: “We’re thrilled to have Bonfire’s support in promoting one of our most-loved fundraising campaigns, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, which raises vital funds for those impacted by cancer. This feature on the iconic Bonfire

Clay Cook, Bonfire’s CEO, said: “This is the first time we’ve used our billboard space for a collaborative message, and it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience for us. Our first morning tea in 2013 was a humble beginning, and we’re proud to see how our involvement has grown to support such an important cause.”

Bonfire invites the community to support Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. Donations can be made at here.