Bestads Six of the Best Reviewed by Juan Pablo Valencia, regional creative advisor, FCB Artgroup

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Bestads Six of the Best Reviewed by Juan Pablo Valencia, regional creative advisor, FCB Artgroup

Each week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium – which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.


This week’s guest judge is Juan Pablo Valencia, regional creative advisor, FCB Artgroup (TICCA Region – Turkey, Iran, Caucasus & Central Asia), Kazakhstan.

Being my second time evaluating here, I find myself again with excellent work, especially in the TV (Film) category.

Although the previous time most of the works were related to Christmas, the context and the environment in which it takes place now is totally different. So, with my choices I want to highlight and celebrate something that leaves good vibes and above all a positive message, some hope drops that inspires us to believe in something better, especially when we have been surrounded by so much negativity, demands, social problems, uncertainty, loneliness, sadness, and this for a long time. I have always believed that brands, in addition to entertaining, persuading and generating sales, can help shape society and a culture we live in a good and better way. It seems to me that brands with so much exposure should not forget this responsibility.

It’s not about avoiding bad things, or behaving as though problems don’t exist, but I am sure there are much more positive things to celebrate and we should talk about it louder! We need creative solutions, not just talk about the problems.

And this is a big invitation for the brands, marketers, agencies and creatives!

Winner: John Lewis and Waitrose ‘Give a little love‘. The winner without a doubt: I really liked it! Well done again John Lewis and Waitrose and adam&eveDDB, London! It is very different from anything these brands have done before. Besides, in my opinion the use and combination of different techniques make it very special and festive and not only for adults but for all ages. Obviously, all this plus the overwhelming message of GOODNESS and LOVE, contributes once again by providing a huge spark of positivism and joy, in times where the spirits are not the best, and leaving all cliches in a simple truth: a LITTLE of love makes a HUGE difference! READ ON…