Bestads Six of the Best reviewed by Andy Jex, chief creative officer, TBWA\London

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Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 8.25.24 am.jpgEach week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium – which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.

This week’s guest judge is Andy Jex, chief creative officer at TBWA London.

Winner: Diesel. Right, I’m making this my winner. But honestly, go watch the 30’s. I’ve seen them elsewhere and they’re way better. Don’t get me wrong, I really love this campaign. It’s just the idea gets a little lost in this longer manifesto spot. Mainly because they’re not showing the funny (negative) shots of the influencers being dorks. But this is Diesel firing at their best. They have such an annoying knack of it. Time and time again they create something so culturally of the moment that it feels like it must have been done before. This is another example of it. It’s spot on, fresh, fun, relevant and so fantastically on brand for Diesel. Come on Publicis Italy, show us the short ones! READ ON…