Apps People launches ProFound Incubator for Individuals of Neurodiversity

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Apps People launches ProFound Incubator for Individuals of Neurodiversity

ProFound, an initiative of Apps People Pty Ltd, is a unique incubator about to launch in Perth. Tailored specifically for neurodiverse individuals (people with autism or related conditions), the program offers a pathway for participants to develop, launch and commercialise a digital product in the market.


The incubator will take a yearly cohort of budding entrepreneurs, kick-starting their journey as tech founders.

Apps People was a recipient of McGowan Government’s X-TEND WA program. It aims to boost innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation, being funded through the $16.7 million New Industries Fund. Other successful recipients include Atomic Sky, Telethon Kids Institute, Spacecubed, St Catherine’s College (UWA), and Impact Seed.

By working with sponsors (such as WeWork), educators and mentors, the education program will ensure participants learn core industry skills. From business validation, user experience and user interface design classes, mobile app development classes, marketing and branding, growth strategy and pitch deck creation. Beyond this, participants will also have the opportunity to grow their networks with key stakeholders through events, product concept showcases, and roadshows.

Managing Director Stuart Kidd (above left) and ProFound ManagerJohnny Doan (right) will oversee the project and collaborate with researchers through the Autism Talent Hub.

The hub is led by Professor Tele Tan, Co-Founder and Director of The Autism Academy of Software Quality. It also brings in the work of Dr. Theresa Kidd, a specialist clinical psychologist who co-developed the Curtin Specialist Mentoring Program, forming part of the hub.

“While 250,000 Australians are diagnosed with autism, less than half have ever worked, and of those that have, many have either not maintained their employment or the work has not been related to their education, skill or interest,” said Dr Kidd. “An innovative initiative, ProFound is likely to change these statistics by providing talented neurodiverse adults with the guidance and mentoring they require to start-up their own business ventures.”

ProFound is now looking to partner with digital agencies who would be interested in volunteering their staff to support different elements of the incubator including workshops or mentorship for a talented cohort of individuals.

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Apps People launches ProFound Incubator for Individuals of Neurodiversity