Anthologie launches #Work2030 future of work series with Career Industry Council of Australia

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The world of work is changing rapidly. The jobs and careers of yesterday and today are rapidly being replaced, leaving us in uncertain territory when it comes to educating the next generation – and university degrees are just one answer to this problem.


In response to this, Anthologie launched #Work2030 in partnership with the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA), hosting a frank panel discussion about the future of work. The panel was made up of industry leaders, career advisors, students and young professionals, who shared their opinions on topics including ‘Will robots take our jobs?’ ‘The days of a job for life are over’ and ‘Why VET is Right Now.’

Aimed at a national audience of parents and educators, the series was shot on location in Melbourne, and tackled 8 thought-provoking topics around the future of work and the importance of VET (Vocational Education and Training).

“Having partnered with Anthologie on the highly successful VET. It’s Right Now. campaign, we were keen to collaborate again. #Work2030 allowed us to reach a diverse audience and share information about the future of work in an innovative and informative way,” said David Carney, CICA Executive Director.

“We set out to create a campaign that would spark discussion and start to uncover some of the misconceptions around the changing world of work. We partnered with a number of dynamic national and global businesses, and Triple J’s Tom Tilley proved to be a great choice as host, relevant for both teenagers and their parents,” said Amy Sutton, Anthologie Managing Director.

#Work2030 created plenty of social discussion and was positively received by over 2,500 educators nationally. The campaign generated a record number of interactions, building on the success of the previous ‘VET. It’s Right Now.’ campaign, with over 400,000 impressions across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Will robots take our jobs?
What’s the use of career advice?
Why VET is right now
What skills will future careers need most?

CICA Executive Director: David Carney
Anthologie Creative Director: Amy Sutton
Director: Dean Butler
Creative team: Matteo Di Capua and Hannah Wilson
On-location Production: Cloakroom Media