After a stellar 40-year career in media and advertising, industry stalwart Liz Molyneux is retiring at the end of 2021

After a stellar 40-year career in media and advertising, industry stalwart Liz Molyneux is retiring at the end of 2021

When Lix Molyneux started her career in London selling advertising over the phone, she couldn’t have predicted where and how far it would take her. Roles in trade press and women’s magazines followed, finally arriving at the iconic Fleet Street to make her mark on The Guardian and The Observer, before migrating to Perth in 1988.


Molyneux began her career in Australia at News Ltd’s The Sunday Times and over the years progressed in various senior sales and marketing roles. During her time as the Classified and Marketing Director in 1993, Molyneux was responsible for one of the most successful advertising campaigns for The Sunday Times’ ReadersMart. The “Help Me Rhonda” campaign ran for three years and generated a remarkable awareness score of 93%. At the time, ReadersMart printed more than 128 pages of classified ads every week and generated 65% of the newspaper’s total annual revenue.

Molyneux joined Fairfax Media in 2008, driving commercial opportunities for clients across The Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and winning 5 media awards for best representation for print in WA.

After 11 years with Fairfax Media, Molyneux moved to Seven West Media as Print Sales director in 2019 where she has been instrumental in streamlining print strategy, bringing her broad experience, energy, enthusiasm and passion for print and growing relationships in market.

Seven West Media Chief Advertising Officer, Nathan Cave said: “Liz has been a pleasure to work with and has taught me a lot about Print Advertising. Her success is measured by being very resilient and adaptive during COVID effective trading. The last 18 months has seen Print grow and beat year on year results. This is a testament to her leadership, experience and skillset. Liz has worked very hard for us to see Print the most successful period in a long time.”

“I have loved my work, and the fabulous people I have worked with over the years,” Molyneux said.

“As much as I am sad to leave my career behind me, I am proud of my achievements. I know that when I walk out of the door for the last time I will be very happy, satisfied and excited for the next chapter.”

Seven West Media will be undertaking a thorough recruitment campaign’ for Molyneux’s positon.