AdSocial CEO, Amberlea Henriques shares stage with Meta to announce a new ad placement

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AdSocial CEO, Amberlea Henriques shares stage with Meta to announce a new ad placement

Amberlea Henriques, the CEO of AdSocial, took to the virtual stage alongside tech giants Meta and ManyChat, to announce that a groundbreaking ad placement is on the horizon.


With an unwavering passion for propelling brands toward the digital future, Amberlea Henriques has become a strong advocate for harnessing the power of automation, AI, and AR. This caught the attention of tech giants Meta and ManyChat, who invited her to join forces to unveil an ad placement that will soon grace business accounts everywhere – Click-to-Subscribe Ads.

According to Henriques this cutting-edge placement is about to reshape the digital marketing landscape, transforming how brands connect with their audiences across the Meta product suite.

“Say goodbye to clunky redirects and tedious form completions – this ad placement empowers users to effortlessly subscribe to brand newsletters, updates, and exclusive content, right from within the ad itself, said Henriques.

With a single, seamless click, users can stay connected with their brands, receiving a wealth of invaluable information delivered straight to their Meta Messaging app inbox (be it Messenger or Instagram DMs).

Henriques said what sets this apart from the realm of traditional email marketing is it grants individuals the power to opt in using their unique User ID number, eliminating the need to disclose their personal contact details.

Henriques said: “This innovation has the potential to revolutionise email marketing and empower brands to forge unbreakable bonds with their audiences on social media. By simplifying the subscription process and enhancing user convenience, we’re unlocking thrilling new avenues for targeted communication and personalised content delivery precisely when individuals are most receptive to exploring and discovering.”