AdSchool’s revamped advanced Account Management course wraps up

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AdSchool’s revamped advanced Account Management course wraps up

Following the challenges of 2020 when virtually all AdSchool tuition was moved online for the first time in its more than 26-year history, Advertising Council Australia used the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive review of AdSchool’s structure, course content and delivery.


As part of this project, ACA tasked steering committees to review each course and took account of a number of suggestions included in the extremely constructive feedback received from students, tutors and guest lecturers regarding the 2020 courses.

This meant that instead of offering participants state-based courses, the opportunity existed to expose them to talent right across the country by including a pre-recorded lecture into the mix. The result is a new and improved AdSchool for 2021 delivered both online and in-real-life, including a combination of video lectures from industry leaders, face-to-face mentoring and in-person workshops.

The first cab off the rank for WA was the recent Advanced Account Management course which ran from April to May and was facilitated by Brendon Lewis (pictured above left), Head of Account Management, The Brand Agency.

“The new format introduced this year really interested me and it was a privilege to be a part of it. It gets the best practitioners from around the country to share their perspective each week, providing the stimulus for great discussion amongst the group in an intimate, face to face setting. I am a big fan of the new way of doing AdSchool, a more contemporary and relevant format,” said Lewis.

Stephanie Gotch Martin (pictured above right), Senior Account Manager, The Brand Agency, who was one of the 10 WA participants, said: “With the new course structure, we learnt from leaders within industry around Australia, who provided invaluable insights into how other businesses operate. The combination of lectures and in-person tutorials always sparked healthy discussions. Overall, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet, share experiences and learn alongside peers.”

Congratulations to Steph and the remaining participants for completing and passing the course with flying colours.

Rachel Swanson (Client Manager, Marketforce); Will Bal & David Gallo-Martinez (both Senior Account Executives, Bonfire); Ryan Wilson (Client Service Lead & Digital Marketing Specialist, Distl); Jess Bacon (Digital Marketing Specialist & Culture Lead, Distl); Fernanda Fauzi (Account Manager, Block Branding); Ashleigh Glenister (Business Manager, 303 Mullen Lowe); Sophie Bradsma (Account Manager, &Partners) and Felicity Gordon (Key Account Manager/Copywriter, Lateral Aspect).

There are four courses remaining for the year in WA:
Core Strategic Planning; Experience Strategy & Design; Advanced Strategic Planning and Copywriting.