25 Year anniversary of Evoke Media’s VenuAds

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25 Year anniversary of Evoke Media’s VenuAds

By Elaine Barry, Evoke Media.

‘Fancy a waltz through cyber space?’ This was the first question and communication I had with a certain Zane Barry, some 25 years ago. Back in the day when you had a hotmail account and in my case, I had to go to the library to check my emails once a week. This was followed by a number of further questions, including ‘How fast can you run 100 metres?’ My reply: ’Depends who’s chasing me’. Then I asked ‘What do you do for a living?’. Zane’s reply ‘I’ve been setting up my own business installing advertising frames into the washrooms of pubs, clubs and hotels’ and still I came to Australia and married the man!

Indeed this young 23 year old man, who we all know as our beloved Zane Barry, was busy, very busy working in a restaurant at night to pay the bills whilst in the day building relationships with venues across Metro WA, installing frames into their venues. This was the birth of Evoke Media’s VenuAds.

After a while, we caught our big break with 2 key Clients, Road Safety and Drug Aware, whom wanted and needed us to expand out of Metro WA into Regional WA, which we did with gusto and pleasure.

Fast forward 25 years and VenuAds are still a treasured, popular media format in our extensive portfolio. Thanks to the phenomenal support that we have had over the years we are thrilled to have an expansive network of 1000’s of VenuAds in 100’s of venues reaching as far north as Kununurra, as far South as Esperance, inland to Kalgoorlie and pretty much every town in-between!

Utilised by 1000’s of Clients from a myriad of genres both Government and Commercial, many of whom are repeat users and a number whom have been with us since day dot, we feel blessed to continue to provide this discreet, yet high impact, low cost media format.

Zane and I wanted to take this opportunity to not only mark this milestone, but fundamentally thank everyone whom over the years has supported us, Evoke Media and our little family. Evoke Media is, as you all know, a family run WA owned and operated business and we are always blown away by the incredible support we get from our Industry. We are deeply honoured to have got to work with so many epic people and wonderful Clients. Thank you for your trust in us to get your messages out in to our WA Community. We appreciate you all.

25 Year anniversary of Evoke Media’s VenuAds