The Work 2022 Contenders: Leo Burnett Australia

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2022 Contenders…

Suncorp Group: One House to Save Many
Leo Burnett Australia
Each year, hundreds of thousands of Australian homes are destroyed or damaged by extreme weather. And each year nothing changes. We just pick up the pieces, rebuild the same way, and hope it won’t happen again. And with the ever-increasing effects of climate change, the problem is only getting worse.
To help solve this enormous problem, Suncorp partnered with the CSIRO, James Cook University and Room 11 Architects to create ‘One House to Save Many’. The world’s first home designed, scientifically tested, and built to withstand cyclones, floods, and bushfires.
One House is the blueprint for the future of Australian housing. Enabling Australians to live in harmony with nature, and not in fear of it.


The Work 2022 Contenders: Leo Burnett Australia

Honda HR-V: Harvey
Leo Burnett Australia
In a world full of talking toasters and voice-activated vacuum cleaners, we asked ourselves one simple question – “Why can’t a car tell you about itself?”

To launch their new SUV, we worked with Honda to create a voice and personality for the all-new HR-V that users could chat to.

For the first time ever, you could ask a car about its fuel economy, boot capacity, favourite rock songs, dating advice, dad jokes – anything – and it would answer back.

And just like every other great piece of voice tech, we gave it a name. Apple has Siri. Google has Alexa. And Honda now has Harvey.

For Harvey’s voice, we enlisted the help of Sam Taunton, a fresh new voice in comedy. Using AI technology, we worked with Sam to teach our software the nuances of his voice, creating a tool that allowed us to generate whatever Harvey response we needed across a whole range of emotions.

We then built an entire ecosystem around Harvey. Spanning across Google Voice, Facebook Messenger, and a bespoke landing page, we created a customer experience that users could tap into from anywhere. So, whether it’s at a Honda Centre, on your smartphone or out in the world, you’ll be able to ask Harvey about his encyclopaedic knowledge of the HR-V (plus a little more).

Check the HR-V site here to chat to Harvey for yourself.

Red Rooster: Cluck & Play
Leo Burnett Australia
Red Rooster makes really good fried chicken, but many young people are still unaware of our offering.
For us to capture a younger market, we needed to appear in places they frequent, and one of the most popular places is the gaming platform TWITCH.
So, we partnered with 12 gaming influencers and gifted them a product innovation to solve the biggest issue gamers face…
How can you eat and game at the same time?
Our highly advanced solution was the ‘Cluck and Play’ fork attachment that gamers simply clip onto their controller, enabling them to both play and eat fried chicken without losing their trigger finger.
We then did live streams on TWITCH where our influencers performed fun product demos, eating boxes of chicken with the ‘Cluck and Play’ controller and offering their followers special Fried Chicken deals at Red Rooster.
The campaign was a huge success, leading to a 20% increase in product trial and helping to make our fried chicken the favourite choice of gamers

Destination NSW: Feel New
Leo Burnett Australia
2021 was a tough year to be a tourist destination. The year Australia really got locked in.
You couldn’t travel internationally, domestically, or even to the next suburb.
Lockdown had the mood of the nation down. People didn’t just want to travel again, they wanted to feel something again.

When borders finally opened, Destination New South Wales launched a tourism campaign that didn’t just sell destinations. It sold feelings.

Every destination and experience were promoted by how it would make you feel.

We created 7 online videos that brought to life 7 distinct feelings that a visit to NSW can bring. 7 distinct feelings to counter the way Australia was feeling.

Each spot featured a totally new composition of the song “Feeling Good”, bringing to life the range of experiences and destinations on offer in NSW and how they’ll make you feel.

In one of the toughest times in history to be a tourist destination, the Feel New South Wales campaign didn’t just tap into the way the nation was feeling, but most importantly, it got people travelling again.

So, they could finally FEEL NEW again.


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