The 6th Annual Australian Millennial Report paints the clearest picture of Aussies aged 23-40

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The 6th Annual Australian Millennial Report paints the clearest picture of Aussies aged 23-40

The 6th edition of the largest annual survey of the attitudes and behaviours of Millennial Australians is out now, with data collected in January 2023, and tracking trends from 2018 to today.


New this year is a section titled New normal, where are you? Which looks for examples of our attitudes or behaviours being permanently changed by 2 years of pandemic disruption.

Co-author of the report Tom McGillick says most of the changes labelled as representing a New Normal are at least showing signs of reversing: “We’ve heard a lot about how COVID would changes our lives forever. The nice thing about having data going back 6 years is we can properly evaluate these trends.”

Some trends returning to normal

Desirable career attributes: Over the last 2 years attributes like Work life balance and The ability to help others declined in perceived importance, but this year both are back to pre-2020 levels.

Online shopping: The preference to make most purchases online versus in-store, as well as reliance on related apps like eBay and Amazon grew rapidly between 2020 and 2022, but have fallen over the last 12 months.

Sources of stress: Between 2020 and 2022, young Australians were less worried about

Money and finances, and more worried about their health and safety. In 2023, all of those sources of daily stress are back at pre-pandemic levels, meaning money is once again the greatest source of stress for Millennial Australians.

What has changed?

McGillick says it’s Australia’s attitudes towards the environment: “At each end of the pandemic we’ve had terrible bushfires, then widespread flooding. Those appear to have shifted attitudes around climate change and the environment. In the years prior to the pandemic our data showed climate change scepticism or complacency among this generation increasing slowly but consistently. That trend has reversed, and Australians are also now more likely to view the responsibility for looking after the environment resting with individuals rather than governments.”

The full 2023 Australian Millennial Report tracks trends in attitudes and behaviours around health, work, education, media consumption, internet usage, the environment, health, money and finance, prosperity and happiness, and community and is now available to download now from: