State Of Social ’20: Stay out of hot water and court – Get the cold, hard facts about defamation

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State Of Social ’20: Stay out of hot water and court – Get the cold, hard facts about defamation

Who creates, posts and shares without a thought about defamation? Guilty!


Use an emoji, end up in court. Someone comments on your socials, you end up with a defamation lawsuit. It happens. Yes, really. But legal eagle Fabienne Sharbanee from Bennett + Co is coming to State of Social ’20 to help you avoid being plucked and stuffed like a turkey in court.

You’re making Fabienne Sharbanee nervous.
As a principal associate at Bennett + Co and a specialist in defamation and media law, Fabienne gets the jitters when she sees how some of us digital and social marketing types carry on.

After more than 20 years on the litigation frontline, she has seen it all. She has dealt with defamation cases for a host of high-profile businesspeople, government officials and sporting figures, including big names like [redacted by Fabienne], [redacted by Fabienne] and even [redacted by Fabienne].

One half-hour talk that could save your skin.
In her 30-minute keynote, Fabienne will give you a rundown of the very real defamation risks everyone on social media runs every day, complete with real-world cases and examples. Like how dropping a thumbs-up emoji can drop you in it. Like how one little comment on FB can cost you big time. Like how you can inadvertently defame almost anyone, including some corporations.

Fabienne will help you understand the risks and stay out of trouble (and court). It could be the most important talk of your professional life.

Who else will be at State of Social ’20?
A veritable roll-call of digital and social marketing movers, shakers and strategy-makers.

So, grab your ticket quick. Only weeks to go!