Road Safety Commission launches legislation change campaign with The Brand Agency

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The Brand Agency has launched its latest Road Safety legislative change campaign, that educates Western Australians of the new penalties that come into effect from September 1 if you’re caught using your phone while driving.


In 2019, almost 20% of deaths on WA roads were caused by distracted drivers. 95% of all WA drivers acknowledge the danger associated with using their phone while driving, and yet surprisingly 50% of people still admit to this selfish behaviour. Based on this shocking finding, the State Government is increasing penalties and getting tougher on those who are willing to not only risk their lives, but all road users.

The new penalties:
Penalty 1 – Touching or holding your phone for audio calls. $500 and 3 demerit points.
Penalty 2 – More distracting tasks like texting, using social media or watching videos. $1000 and 4 demerit points.

Evan Murie, Senior Account Director, The Brand Agency added, “It’s amazing to see how many people still admit to using their phone while driving. Hopefully these new penalties will see a noticeable drop in people putting not only their lives at risk, but everyone else’s who share WA’s road network.”

Midway through concept development the campaign was thrown a curveball when the mandatory CV19 lock-down took effect. The Brand Agency quickly revised the creative execution from live action, to a solution that could be illustrated, animated and produced in-house during the lock down.

Alisia Mumby, Campaigns Officer, Road Safety Commission said “Amid the Covid-19 impact, cancelling the option of a production shoot, The Brand Agency pivoted to developing an illustration/cartoon TVC. They utilised the animation technique rotoscoping, that added grit and life. This proved beneficial in emphasising the seriousness of the message.”

The campaign is running across TV, BVOD, radio, OOH, press & social throughout July, August and September.

Road Safety Commission
Roger Farley, Assistant Director Communications and Engagement
Alisia Mumby, Campaigns Officer
Mikhail Wong, Digital Project Officer

The Brand Agency, Perth
Creative Director: Dean Hunt
Art Director: Neil Martin
Art Director/Copywriter: Niall Stephen
Designer/Illustrator: Matt Taylor
Account Management: Brendon Lewis, Evan Murie

Production Company: King Street
Producer: Caitlin Jacobs
Animator: Tracey Kim
Audio: Soundbyte Studios