&Partners finds a home in Freo

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&Partners finds a home in Freo

After four years of working from cafes, park benches, kitchen tables and bed, &Partners has finally put some pants on and joined civilised society.


Their new office is in Fremantle’s recently redeveloped Manning Building, a 120-year old heritage site in the heart of the city.

&Partners’ Account Director, Sophie Brandsma, said: “We were reluctant to move out of active-wear and into an office. Why would we? We’ve been looking after some of the state’s biggest clients for the last four years – all working remotely. In the end it came down to collaboration. Our business model is based on building perfect teams around projects, and recent growth has meant bigger clients and bigger projects with more moving parts and more partners to collaborate with. So now we have a great place to play – albeit a work in progress – and a ridiculous selection of cafes, restaurants and bars to reward all our hard work.”

The agency has already picked up several new clients in the neighbourhood, including Summit Homes Group and The City of Fremantle.

This adds to 12-months of new business wins including Access Care Network Australia, The Good Grocer, Bonfire Digital, Uniting WA, The Town of Victoria Park and the roll-out of the Commonwealth funded Australian Small Business Advisory Services initiative.

Photography by Sam Harris at samharrisphoto.com.au.

&Partners finds a home in Freo &Partners finds a home in Freo