Lush announces Glenn Bergsma as new CEO

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Lush announces Glenn Bergsma as new CEO

Moving into the third quarter of 2019 and with a few big client wins on their side, Lush are making internal movements that continue to promote growth and creative innovation.


The first of several announcements to come is the appointment of Glenn Bergsma as the company’s CEO.

“Glenn has been with us for over ten years and has played a key role in navigating our agency into new territory,” said James Lush, Founder and Director of Lush – The Content Agency.

“We’re now working with an agency structure and service offering that complements our creative focus. Having Glenn in this position allows me to be more involved in creative projects and work on more top-end consulting work. With Glenn as the CEO, we have focused leadership to propel the agency to the next level,” said Lush.

Coming from an Executive Board Chair position at Lush, Bergsma has taken on the CEO role to bring greater strategic leadership to the business so that it can further fulfil its vision of promoting Perth stories on the mainstage.

“I love Western Australia. We have so many amazing corporate and not-for-profit organisations doing great things, yet their stories aren’t always being told. Having worked with Lush for over a decade, I’ve seen the value of creative and authentic storytelling. While business strategy and growth channels will be part of my work as CEO, I’m also passionate about promoting these local voices.”

Bergsma will also continue his work as director of the organisational and leadership development consultancy, Evolve Leadership Group and his role as director of the venture capital firm, Go Capital, investing in early stage tech start-ups here in Western Australia.