Keystart makes its simple proposition hard to forget in a new campaign via The Brand Agency

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Keystart – an initiative of the Western Australian State Government – has launched a new brand campaign aimed at reinforcing its key proposition, via The Brand Agency.


Providing home loans with deposits as low as 2% without lender’s mortgage insurance, Keystart’s offering was being lost in the complexity of the journey to home ownership, often being confused with everyone from builders to brokers or banks. To address this, The Brand Agency worked closely with Keystart to produce a series of humorous and distinctive radio spots and animated online videos to run across broadcast video on demand and social media.

Aside from sound design, the campaign was delivered completely in-house at The Brand Agency mobilising a number of different divisions.

“While people were aware of the Keystart name and recognised the brand, there was a lot of confusion about what they actually did outside the present customer base,” said The Brand Agency Senior Account Manager Mimi Crompton. “With so many steps in the home ownership journey and many market players communicating a very similar message, Keystart needed to do something completely different to stand out from the crowd.”

“Everyone at the VO record (including our client) jumped at the chance to get behind the mic at Soundbyte to voice a cheering crowd for one of the online videos — I think that sums up the energy everyone involved brought to this campaign. The team really went above and beyond to make it great,” said The Brand Agency Copywriter, Anneliese Sullivan.

Keystart Chief Operating Officer Lindsay O’Sullivan said, “Keystart has undergone a complete refresh over the last 12 months, with a new brand, website and office relocation. We are proudly telling our own story now – and the story needs to be crystal clear. This campaign focuses on our uniqueness in the market with a unique delivery… and a healthy dash of humour.”

Listen to ‘Laura’ Radio HERE
Listen to ‘Lizards’ Radio HERE

Chief Operating Officer: Lindsay O’Sullivan
Executive Manager, Customer Experience: Lisa Di Cesare
Marketing Manager, Customer Experience: Roisin Broderick

The Brand Agency
Creative Director: Dean Hunt
Art Director: Ellen Treharne
Copywriter: Anneliese Sullivan
Head of Design: Dan Agostino
Designer: Matt Taylor
Account Management: Brendon Lewis, Mimi Crompton
Media: Jodie Allen, Naomi Fuller
Producer: Claire Pugh-Williams
Animator: Tracey Kim 

Sound Studio: Soundbyte
Sound Design: Shaun Sandosham