Jobs & Skills WA opens the door to new careers via Likeable Creative

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Likeable Creative was tasked by the Department of Training and Workforce Development to promote a ‘Skills Ready’ initiative, as part of the State Government’s post-COVID recovery plan.


The initiative included reduced fees and priority courses at TAFE and other training providers. The brief was to encourage displaced workers and school leavers to apply for training in key industry sectors.

Leading the integrated campaign is a TV commercial showing various people walking through the lobby of a training institution and then exiting into their chosen career.

Likeable Creative worked with director Ross Tinney and producer Troy Zafer to bring the idea to life. The production involved building a giant set at Friday’s Studio, with dolly tracks running the entire width. Set dressers had to quickly change the scene on the right hand side 5 times during the shoot day, which required highly coordinated construction and propping.

Malcolm MacLean, Managing Creative Director at Likeable, said “It was fantastic to work with Ross and Troy again. Their professionalism and enthusiasm made the whole project an absolute pleasure.”

Department of Training and Workplace Development
Associate Director Communications: Laura Reibel
Public Relations Officer: Laura Sharrinovski

Likeable Creative
Creative Directors: Ross Dungey & Malcolm MacLean
Account Directors: Emily Montini & Brent Clinch
Production Director: Ross Tinney, RT Films
Producer: Troy Zafer, Zac Creative
DOP: Nigel Tomkinson
Grip: Greg Stirling
Sets: Ragner, Plumb Construction
Post: Joel Taylor, Boogie Monster
Audio: Julian Douglas-Smith, Julio’s