Equilibrium launches keystart.com.au

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Equilibrium launches keystart.com.au

Equilibrium has recently launched a major new website for Keystart Loans, a government-backed lender providing an affordable pathway to home ownership for Western Australians on lower incomes.


Whilst some of Australia’s leading financial institutions provide state-of-the-art digital experiences, Keystart’s ageing website offered a poor user experience, particularly during the application process, putting an increased workload on customer service staff to convert leads. Following a highly competitive pitch, Keystart selected Equilibrium to develop a best-of-breed website.

According to Equilibrium Account Director, Ryan Weber, the collective goal was to design a vastly improved and simplified user experience, that would increase online applications and reduce demands on other areas of the Keystart business.

“We set out to co-design the product using a cross-functional approach. This involved our team collaborating closely with key staff from Keystart’s IT, Comms, and Customer Service departments,” he said. “Equilibrium’s user-centric approach to UX focused on enabling potential customers to self-qualify quickly and easily, with a user-friendly application process providing contextually relevant information throughout the assessment period.”

“To assist self-qualification, the site also incorporates easy to use practical tools, such as a borrowing power calculator.”

Weber said whilst everyone was thrilled with the product outcomes to-date, it was essential for continual accurate tracking and incremental improvement over time.

“Our data-driven marketing team has worked closely with Keystart’s core business units, agency partners and marketing stakeholders to ensure complete alignment on a KPI framework carrying across each stage of the customer journey. This will inform how we will measure success, as well as approaching continual optimisation over the life of our partnership with Keystart.”

Stage 2 of the Keystart website is currently underway and will provide customers with further enhancements to the application process, as well as a secure platform to track applications in real-time.

For more information contact Ryan Weber on 9421 7900 or ryan@equ.com.au

Equilibrium launches keystart.com.au Equilibrium launches keystart.com.au Equilibrium launches keystart.com.au Equilibrium launches keystart.com.au