Bestads Six of the Best Reviewed by Adrian Rossi, creative partner, The Constellation Collective, UK

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Bestads Six of the Best Reviewed by Adrian Rossi, creative partner, The Constellation Collective, UK

Each week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium – which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.


This week’s guest judge is Adrian Rossi, creative partner at The Constellation Collective, London.

I’m half English and half Italian, so, my two halves decided to do this review of the work.

Winner: Uber One ‘One Hit For Uber One‘.
English Adrian: This is well put together, with some very amusing moments. It lacks insight or strategy. As amusing as it is what is it saying about Uber One? It is dancing close to that pitfall of ‘don’t let the talent overshadow the brand’.

Italian Adrian: Vaf*@+?ulo!, Look at what I have to deal with in here? He says it is good with one word then damns it with another. Over logical English buffoon. Go with your gut. It will be talked about. it will be watched. It’s already got millions of views online before the Super Bowl. This is easily first place.

Runner up: Levi’s ‘Fair Exchange‘.
EA: Back when we were at BBH, Levi’s was the bench mark for TV ads. The formula was complicatedly simple. Great story, great product insight, great music track (get a hit no.1 and get in culture before that term was even invented) and a great director. They have got a great director.
As Hegarty said “It’s a workwear brand, so, make workwear fashionable’.

IA: Will you ever shut up (whilst gesticulating wildly in a cliched Italian way)? This is good, well crafted and Martin has directed it wonderfully. Hegarty also said a lot of other things.

Winner: Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra ‘Beethoven on TikTok‘.
EA: Welcome to a round up of the best Chat GPT/ AI ideas also known as press ads. Both of these ideas open up and carry on the conversation about the impact of ChatGPT and AI on not just what we do but everything. Clients and some agency CEOs (you know who you are) are seeing ChatGPT as the answer to all their problems. Cheap and quick. What more do you need? Well, to be effective it needs stand out. It needs to not be logical. It needs to make leaps. It needs to make the brand stand for something. It needs a big idea. AI still needs a human hand to direct it. Will it change things? Undoubtedly. When will it change everything? For original ideas not in the near future or ever. Maybe for adapts a lot sooner.
The image of Beethoven got my attention. But,…

IA: Get off your soap box. You and your buts! Just stop at it got your attention. Most things don’t even register. This did, period. Oh, why do I have to share life with this fool? WHY? READ ON…